Pregnancy Yoga And Mom & Baby Yoga

All classes are for all levels of yoga students beginning through advanced. These classes can be offered in your home or in the Entropy Physiotherapy studio in Lincoln Park. These classes can be as private lessons or with your partner or group of friends. Please call with questions or to set up an appointment.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes and Services

Please consult your healthcare provider before attending any of the classes below.

  • Couples Class to prepare for labor and birth: (Fee: $140) This session is 4 hours long and includes a short discussion, film, and thorough practice session. The focus is to educate, empower, and prepare women and couples for a healthy pregnancy and a positive labor and childbirth experience. In preparation for the birth experience, couples have the opportunity to practice comfort positions for labor, birth positions, practice using an exercise ball, bolsters and other yoga props, gentle yoga positions with breath, natural pain management techniques, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods. The session will also cover labor coaching and support techniques for the partner or coach. This service offers women and couples an opportunity to explore issues related to labor and childbirth in the home and hospital setting.
  • Prenatal Hatha Yoga: This class offers a safe and gentle approach for women in all trimesters of pregnancy. The class focuses on body alignment, basic breathing techniques, posture and form and the names of poses in traditional hatha yoga. Slow sun Salutations and flow based yoga is taught as well and many of the poses are modified. This class promotes concentration, flexibility, strength and endurance while quieting the mind and preparing for labor and birth. Props are often used and provided in the class and poses are modified for the comfort of women throughout their pregnancy. Prenatal hatha yoga can be attended by pregnant women only or in a private class with their partners or small group of friends. Poses are modified to meet all levels of yoga ability and can be in your home or at the Entropy Physiotherapy and Wellness Studio. Feel free to schedule a class with you and your partner, a group of friends or alone as a private lesson.
  • Hatha Yoga for Fertility: This class offers women and/or partners a safe and caring environment to explore yoga and fertility. We practice yoga poses and techniques to integrate the mind and body based on the chakra system and energy based yoga. This emphasis helps promote fertility and the stimulation of energy centers to keep the body and mind feel more balanced. Hatha yoga for fertility is based on yoga poses in the prenatal yoga class with emphasis on the specific body systems being stimulated. The sessions always include periods of meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation methods to promote positive intentions for fertility, health and overall wellbeing. This class provides a healing environment to assist women and couples in this special process.
  • Postpartum Yoga/Mom and Baby Yoga: This class focuses on body alignment, basic breathing techniques, posture and form, hatha and vinyasa flow and postpartum focus areas for all levels of yoga students. This class promotes concentration, flexibility, strength and endurance focusing on the abs, buttocks, shoulders, pelvic floor, low back, neck and other areas that may feel strained from carrying the baby, feeding and other activities of daily living. Mom and baby yoga can be attended by the mom/partner or friend and baby/toddler or just the mom alone. Props are used and provided in class and poses are modified to meet all levels of yoga ability.